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Tom HendersonSummary Statement:

Vision - Restoring A Generation of Relationships…Vertically and Horizontally

Work of the organization:

Mission - Why does Restoration Generation Exist?

Simple. Its 1 word with 2 parts: Relationships…Vertically and Horizontally

With over 40% of first marriages today ending in divorce and 67% of second marriages suffering from the same fate, this generation of 12 - 29 year olds lives in a culture full of broken relationships.

And these broken relationships have led students to living lives full of anger, poor self-image, identity confusion, a lack of self-worth, acceptance issues and in the bondage of un-forgiveness. These broken relationships exist with our parents, our children, our neighbors, our spouses, with each other and, as odd as it sounds, with ourselves. And those are just our "horizontal" or earthly relationships. Because of sin and the same reasons above, our "vertical" relationship with God, our Creator is broken too.

Restoration Generation is a movement that exists to present the Good News of Christ to tens of thousands of people so we can see a reversal of these trends and see the restoration of relationships - with God and with each other - all over the world.