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The Mission BallSummary Statement:

Vision - Our goal is to be able to set up manufacturing in 3rd world countries. We would like to employ the poor and the forgotten to make The Mission Ball. We hope to minister not only to the people who receive The Mission Ball, but also to the people making them. Our goal is to get the message translated into any language requested.

Work of the organization:

Mission - The Mission Ball is a ministry of GOMADIS international, a 501©3 not-for-profit organization based in South Dakota. The mission of GOMADIS Int'l is to obey the directive given in Matthew 28:19 to Go and Make Disciples of all nations. The Mission Ball is an evangelistic tool to aid Missionaries in their global efforts.

The concept of The Mission Ball came in February 2008. I was trying to figure out a way to increase the effectiveness of evangelistic missions and I remembered how easy it was to draw a crowd when we started playing soccer. Having played soccer with kids in Israel, Mexico, Guatemala, and Ecuador, I know firsthand that an American with a soccer ball in a foreign country can easily draw a crowd. The first Mission Balls were made in July of 2008. - Torrey Babb, Creator and Founder of The Mission Ball