Center of HopeCenter of Hope

225 E 11th St. Suite 101, Sioux Falls, SD 57104
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Pastor FredSummary Statement:

To embody the life of Jesus Christ in Sioux Falls and beyond.

Work of the organization:

Center of Hope exists to share hope and peace in Jesus, physically and spiritually, by:

  • Distributing winter clothing at minimal prices
  • Distributing bikes-for-work at minimal prices
  • Leading adult Bible studies
  • Worshiping God at Restored 2 Life
  • Visiting, praying, and offering use of computers and phone in our Care Center
  • Ministering on the basketball court
  • Caring through our Faith Community Nursing ministry
  • Visiting people in jail, in the hospital, on the streets, and in homes
  • Distributing Christmas Gifts.
  • Our motto is "Sowing seeds of God's love. . .physically and spiritually."

We use I Corinthians 3:6 of the Bible (ESV) as our ministry verse. "I (apostle Paul) planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow." This verse gives our staff and volunteers encouragement. Many people we meet have heavy stories that are filled with hurt and anguish. This verse encourages us as we share in their story and offer an encouraging word. The ministry verse says that God is the boss here; he is the heart surgeon and we are his nursing staff. He is in charge. Knowing that keeps us going.

The Center of Hope has been ministering among people who struggle with difficult life issues since July 2000. Each person has their own struggle. We care about each struggle including family concerns, relationship strains, addictions, financial concerns, joblessness, incarceration, hospitalization, spirituality questions, or feelings of hopelessness. The Center of Hope is a place where people can come, be listened to, encouraged, and refreshed.