Foundation Videos

Ottoro Helicopter Welcome

The Adams Thermal Foundation team went to Ottoro, Ethiopia in the rainy season (August '13). So helicopter was the only way to travel. Visibility was bad, so the team landed on a ridge to wait conditions to improve. Many people living nearby had never seen a helicopter and climbed the ridge to see what was going on. Even with an interpreter, we could not communicate well until a local student offered to help. In the end, everyone celebrated this unique introduction and the Adams Thermal team made it safely to Ottoro.

Abossa Ethiopia Water Project

More than 1,300 students in the community of Abossa suffered from lack of water at their school - resulting in poor sanitation and poor attendance at school while children go to surrounding areas begging for water. Adams Thermal provided a fresh water system for the students in Abossa, opening up new opportunities for health, learning and prosperity.

Santa Brings it Home

The innocence and faith of a child are on display when Santa comes to join the dedication ceremony of a new Habitat for Humanity house, built by Adams Thermal Foundation. One year prior, this little boy asked Santa for new home, unaware that his mom had applied for the opportunity to receive a Habitat house. The boy's wish came true, and Santa was the hero of the day!

A Uniform Celebration

Students at Adams Thermal Academy in Ottoro, Ethiopia celebrating the arrival of new school uniforms. For many students, this is the first time they've ever received new clothes.