The History of Adams Thermal Foundation

In 2003, a small manufacturer with plants in Canton, SD and Cedar Falls, IA was making preparations to close down. Hundreds of jobs would be lost and the facilities would sit idle as the international conglomerate which owned the company moved its operations elsewhere.

All the while, this company's Chief Engineer began to develop a vision, not only to keep the plants open, but to grow the company and serve the less fortunate as well. The only challenges were to reverse the momentum of a multi-national corporation and then figure out how to buy the company.

"To say that 'God's hand was all over this' would be an understatement," says Mike Adams, Founder and CEO of Adams Thermal Systems. "God was in my vision, God was in my employer's decisions, God was in the financial resources, God was in everything. I could not have strategized or planned the way that everything came together," says Adams. "The Lord let me see a small portion of His future plans, and then He gave me the wisdom and the courage to take each step."

In January of 2004, Adams Thermal Systems was founded and the adventure began. In its short ten-year history, Adams Thermal Systems has doubled in size, TWICE, and has donated more than $6 million dollars in order to 'ease the suffering of the most vulnerable in our society.'

In 2013, the vision began to grow as a pair of schools in southern Ethiopia was scheduled to close. Both schools provided high-quality educational opportunities for the 'poorest of the poor'. But the organization which ran the schools was pulling out of the country due to shrinking financial support. Once again, the threat of closure was met with a God-sized plan. Adams Thermal Foundation was formed to keep the schools open and broaden the scope of the original vision.

Adams Thermal Foundation became a 501(c)3 organization in February of 2014 and established a board and staff equipped for the mission of 'alleviating the suffering of the most vulnerable, confronting all forms of human poverty in our communities, our nation and our world.' Will you join us?