Habitat for HumanityKatelyn's Fund

1327 3rd Ave. SE, Sioux Center, Iowa 51250

ChildrenSummary Statement:


Work of the organization:

Our vision is simply caring for the orphan.

  1. We advocate for the fatherless.
    We speak for those who cannot speak for themselves and bring awareness of their needs to the Body of believers. While we advocate for Christian families to respond to the Biblical call to adopt, we also look for ways to minister to children who continue to wait for or will never know the love of an earthly family.
  2. We equip families and caregivers.
    We serve families and caregivers by sharing resources, providing educational opportunities, offering a support community, and assisting with financial grants.
  3. We love the Lord.
    We love because He first loved us. For His glory, we join with the Body to be mobilized on behalf of the orphan, and we authentically intercede for all of His children.