Projects - USA

Nourishing the Community

The Banquet Meal Ministry in Sioux Falls is a volunteer-based ministry, which means the 13 meals they provide each week are paid for, prepared by and served by volunteer groups in the area. Every other month, Adams Thermal Foundation sponsors an evening meal for guests at the Banquet. To get this done, a small group of employees from the Adams companies heads to the Banquet at 2:00 in the afternoon where they spend three hours prepping and cooking the evenings meal. At 5:00 PM, another larger group of employees arrive to serve the meal until 8:00 and then help with the clean-up. For a typical evening meal, the banquet serves 400-500 guests.

Adams companies have been sponsoring meals and volunteering at the banquet since 2005, and the staff there is very appreciative of funding and the work they do. With 13 years of experience, the Adams crew doesn’t need much in the way of training, “they just get to work and get it done”.

Homes for Our Neighbors

20 Homes in 20 YearsMost people have heard about the wonderful work of Habitat for Humanity. People without a decent place to live are given the opportunity to own a home. Habitat's mission is to put God's love into action by bringing people together to build homes, communities and hope.

Often times, companies will provide for the cost of the materials to build a house and then encourage their employees to volunteer their time during the construction process. Adams Thermal Foundation has committed to providing the materials and labor for not just one house . . . but 6 houses so far!

Adams Thermal Systems is based in Canton, South Dakota USA; a small but growing community in the heart of the Midwest. Recognizing the need for housing development in Canton, Adams Thermal Foundation determined that both Habitat for Humanity and the city of Canton could benefit from the commitment to build multiple houses. Not only do local families gain safe, decent, affordable housing, but the community also is enhanced when old or abandoned properties are recycled into attractive new homes which can once-again generate local property tax revenues.

Adams Thermal employees enjoy putting their time and energy toward this worthwhile cause, especially when they're working alongside the families who will one day own the home. Whenever a new home is finished, a dedication ceremony is held for purpose of handing over the keys to the new owners. At every dedication, Adams Thermal Foundation President, Mike Adams, encourages the volunteers to consider "the impact of this home on this family - especially the children - ten years from now." We are not only building houses, we're building a legacy.

ATS Cares

ATS CaresIn the past, 'ATS Cares' was the name given to all the charitable work of Adams Thermal Systems (ATS). In February of 2014, Adams Thermal Foundation became a separate legal entity and the organization which now carries out the charitable work of ATS. Going forward, ATS Cares has become an initiative of the Foundation aimed at helping employees to help others. In the past, ATS Cares was primarily known as the "giving" arm of Adams Thermal Systems, whereas now ATS Cares is every employee who intentionally practices acts of service and generosity toward others.

ATS Cares is an action phrase and a rallying cry that will help Adams Thermal Systems employees recognize a "higher call" on their life and encourage them to respond with their time, talents and treasures. ATS Cares is the ultimate realization that greater satisfaction is found in giving and helping others as opposed to simply earning a living or pursing status and recognition. To those around us, our co-workers, neighbors and others less fortunate we corporately send the message that "We Share, Because ATS Cares".

Adams Thermal Foundation has established an employee committee for the purpose of putting ATS Cares into practice within the organization. This ATS Cares Committee is comprised of two teams, an Operations Team and a Network Team. The Operations Team is comprised of representatives from key functions within Adams Thermal Systems. These key functions are necessary for making and executing plans that mobilize Adams Thermal employees toward a specific cause. The Network Team integrates with and listens to Adams Thermal employees with the goal of identifying problems and hardships that other employees may be facing.

Ultimately, ATS Cares exists to inspire and motivate employees to act as a community of "Every-Day Good Samaritans" who take notice of needs and care for their co-workers, neighbors and friends.